What Makes Our Service Great

Really when we talk about how amazing WritingServiceUSA.com is we are referring to our writers. Without these experts creating perfect essays for our clients we would not be able to provide the excellent service we offer. Before we introduce ourselves as a whole we would like to first describe our writers.

Each writer is hand-selected to work for this service so you can be sure they are already of a high standard. We only choose academics who have achieved a great deal in their field and have been writing essays for many years. They not only bring their skills but also their passion for helping students to get the grades they need. By only hiring the most dedicated writers we have been able to form WritingServicesUSA into one of the top writing services.


We are very proud of our writers but this is only the beginning of what you need to know about us. Our flexibility and versatility are what defines our service. This is essentially because it shows that we listen to our student clients. As our company grew, we had students coming and asking for all kinds of topics and levels. At first we were unable to cater for all of these different styles but we quickly fixed the problem. Our writing team expanded, and we are now proud to say that we very rarely have to turn any student away. Usually this only happens if the deadline is impossible to meet or the topic is too obscure.

How We Began

To give you more of an idea of who we are here is a short outline of our history.

  • WritingServiceUSA was founded to address all of the failures of the writing industry;
  • The service quickly expanded and learned from student feedback;
  • Everything became focused on making the student completely happy;
  • After initial success, the service expanded to provide editing and proofreading;
  • The writing team started to number in the hundreds;
  • Our support team reported that we have served over a thousand students;
  • Today we have the same philosophy of putting the student first and still remain at the top of the industry.